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Our Values

The Faculty of Engineering was founded in 1988. Afterwards, the Departments of Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering were promoted to Faculties of Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering and Transportation. Later, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Futures studies was added to the Faculty of Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering currently consists of five educational departments.
The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Isfahan is the only Engineering Faculty among the comprehensive universities at the center of Iran.

Distinguished features

Strong industry and society relationship
Qualitatively and quantitatively outstanding scientific outputs in prestigious international journals
Highly cited researchers

International students study and achieve degrees in the following fields
Bachelor’s degree in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Master’s degree in the fields of Electrical Engineering - Power Systems, Electrical Engineering - Digital Electronic Systems, Bioelectrical Medical Engineering, Biomaterial Medical Engineering, Chemical Engineering - Separation Processes, Chemical Engineering – Natural Environment, Industrial Engineering - Systems Optimization, Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion
Ph.D. in the fields of Electrical Engineering - Electronics, Electrical Engineering - Control, Electrical Engineering - Telecommunication Systems, Medical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering - Applied Design, Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion
The faculty provides Bachelor degrees in 5 majors, Master in 28 majors, Ph.D. in 12 majors

Academic staff: 81
Non-academic staff: 28

Excellence in education, research, and industry and society relationship
Development of technology and entrepreneurship
Strengthening and developing demand-oriented majors

Initiating and developing Smart grids, Digital health, Production and development of renewable energy applications and energy efficiency, Development of clean technologies in the petrochemical and steel industries


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