February 23, 2024

Under-graduate Courses

Heat Transfer laboratory

This laboratory is offered to acquaint undergraduate students of chemical engineering with the principles of heat transfer. In this Lab, the phenomena of redial and axial heat conduction in solids, free and forced convection, and radiation is investigated. In addition, heat transfer is also studied in double-pipe, shell-and-tube, jacket-and-coil, and plate-type heat exchangers.



 Unit operations laboratory

This laboratory is designed to demonstrate mass and heat transfer phenomena and thermodynamic principles in chemical processes.

There are different pilot scale apparatus in this lab such as spray dryer, rotary dryer, semi-batch distillation column, and leaching unit. Liquid – liquid extractors (packed-bed and RDC), cooling tower and packed column absorber are the other equipment in this lab.



Process control laboratory

Process control laboratory is designed to give training in process dynamics and process control systems.

The lab consists of various experimental units: Vessel pressure control, heat-exchanger temperature control, reactor pH control, tank level control, and flow control.


 Fluid mechanics laboratory

The experiments in the Fluid Mechanics Lab are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid engineering principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory.


  Hydrostatic forces, energy loss and friction factor in pipe flow, developing laminar flow in a pipe of circular cross-section, flow through fluidized bed, jet impact  on flat and curved surfaces, drag force in high Reynolds number flow, and series and parallel pumps.



Petroleum laboratory

Petroleum Laboratory is equipped to determine the properties of crude oils and other petroleum distillates.

The petroleum instruments of this lab include flash point tester, atmospheric distillation apparatus, vapor pressure measurement, viscometer, pour point tester, and foaming characteristics apparatus for lubricating oil.

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