February 8, 2023


The Library of the Engineering Faculties

The Library of the Engineering Faculties which is 450 square meters in surface was established in 1989. It is now located in the old building of the Faculty of Engineering. The library consists of a book depository, librarians’ room and a study hall. Reference books, thesis and dissertations, Persian and English magazines and the journals archive are available in the book depository section.
Available Materials 
1.Books :
There are 14600 books in this library of which 3600 are in Persian and 11000 books are in English. The books cover specialized subject matters of the disciplines of the Faculty of Engineering.
2.Books CD Attachments:
The CDs which accompany books can be borrowed by the library users.
3. Journals:
The library is a subscriber to 10 Persian and 43 English specialist magazines which are delivered to the library in a weekly, monthly and quarterly fashion. These journals are available in the Magazines Section.
4. Journals Archive:
This section, which is located at the end of the depository hall, provides an archive of older magazines bound in book format.
5. Theses and Dissertations:
Undergraduate and graduate theses written by the students of the faculty are kept and available in this section.
Note: To access the index of the University’s digital library “ILImageDocViewSetup.msi” needs to be installed on your computers. This software is available for download here: ftp://192.168.90/namamatn

How to Use the Library
All library members whose names have been registered in the University’s Libraries Network can use this library by offering their National ID Number. Reference books, theses and journals cannot be borrowed. They can only be used inside the library.
Working Hours
The Library of the Engineering Faculties is open from Saturday to Wednesday 7:30 to 3:30 p.m.
Contact the Library
Address: Second floor, the old building of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan
Telephone: (031) 37932674, (031) 37934028
دانشگاه اصغهان
Address: Isfahan, Azadi square, University of Isfahan Postal Code: 817467344
E-mail: Info@ui.ac.ir | Admission@ui.ac.ir
Tel: +98-31-37932685
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